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Rocket Print
Personalised digital printing for your marketing materials

Want to raise your brand profile? Personalise your digital printing.

Here at Rocket Print, we see dozens of great digital printing ideas every week. From beautiful labels to clever packaging… We love seeing what our customers come up with! The other week we came across a particularly good example, which brought home to us the power of personalising your digital printing. A well-known Auckland restaurant was the venue for a […]

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IMG 2952 2

Looking for an award winning Auckland printer?

If you’re looking for an Auckland printing company that can produce award winning outcomes, you’ve come to the right place! This month, we’re feeling on top of the world! Why? Well, because the hard yards we’ve put into our customer service, our training and the printed products we deliver has been recognised at a couple of key industry awards ceremonies. […]

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Shutterstock 226607305

Rocket to the rescue. Why digital printing will save you (even if you have a crazy deadline).

Welcome to the digital age, where things move quickly. If you’re worried your printed material isn’t keeping up, we’ve got some good advice for you – change it! At Rocket Print, we’re digital too. If you need it done quickly, Rocket is ready to help. A couple of weeks ago (and 15 minutes before closing time) we had a customer […]

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800 2270

Marketing an artisan product? How labels can help you stand out.

A few years ago, having an artisan product was enough to make you stand out from the crowd. In 2015 however, what was a fledgling industry has well and truly spread its wings, meaning handcrafted products are now competing in an increasingly crowded market. Whether you’re selling organic beauty products, homemade garments or handcrafted food, chances are that you have […]

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Web Save

How good is your marketing material? Take our print challenge and find out.

With the Christmas break behind us, we hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2015. If you’re involved in marketing your organisation, the start of a new year represents a new opportunity to build brand awareness and drive sales activity (not to mention profit!). For that reason, now is a great time to refresh your printed marketing material […]

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Season’s Greetings from the team at Rocket Print

Here at Rocket Print, we always celebrate the printing of our first Christmas card order because it means the festive season is just around the corner! Christmas is our favourite time of year – all winter we look forward to long summer days, getting together with family and re-charging our batteries before we take on the New Year. We hope you […]

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Print labels.

Want to boost sales? It’s time to get personal with your printing…

  Above: Personalised label invitations gave extra impact to the launch of our digital label printing service. In 2012 Coca-Cola ran a promotion in New Zealand featuring personalised labels on its Coke cans and bottles. The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign had led to a 7% increase in sales of the fizzy stuff in Australia and, when it launched here, Kiwis […]

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IStock 000031154578Large

Are you ready to rocket into 2015?

Get your branded marketing material in front of your customers early and drive new business for the new year. Spring has sprung and the end of the year is coming round fast! Before you know it, 2015 will be here and you’ll be looking for new business to fill up the new year. So, what can you do now to position […]

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Introverts – here’s how to shine at network events!

Introverts – here’s how to shine at network events! Imagine yourself in a conference room, café or bar with other likeminded business owners wearing nametags anxiously milling around the bar or food table keeping themselves busy. Your job over the next hour or so is to make a positive and lasting impression on as many as these people as possible. […]

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It’s just not the thought that counts

You can’t string a computer along a wall that says happy birthday, an Ecard to your partner can never express emotion in a meaningful way and a computer will never express the love your eight year old son has for you when you arrive home tonight and he says I have a surprise for you….print it’s real

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11 Corporate Business Brochure 1

Crave for more sales – get your customer to think!

A thought for today; One must always be careful of PRINT and what it says…..for WORDS and IMAGES have the power to CHANGE US   Inspire your customers to think about what they can do to improve sales, increase market share, re-energise their brand or reduce costs, then let your printed brochure lead them to you. Chris Agius

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Image Thought Life

Challenge your customers through print

Your Printing | We love the internet because we can find answers to almost anything (how accurate they may be is debatable!). But where do we go to think about what questions we should be asking? Today I was reading a marketing piece by Joe Pulizzi, in his article he mentioned a quote by a publisher who said “The web is […]

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Contact Rocket Print for your labels today

Fortunately (for him) I found his invoice would have been better had it been printed matter

Your printing | what printed marketing material do you leave behind and how important is it to your business? Rocket Print had just installed a new piece of kit which required some extraction piping to be attached at our Auckland office, wanting to use the same company I tracked over 40 meters of piping in the hope of finding a […]

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1364 Altezano Products 30 Business Cards Labels And Business Stationary

How many sales have you lost, simply because you have not left your mark?

Welcome to Rocket Print – your printing and my first blog, over time I hope to share some of the learning’s I have gained working my way from apprentice, university graduate to General Manger of a multinational company and today a business owner. It’s a tough market out there so much so that each new customer you gain, each job […]

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